Election Program

Dear students,

here is a short form of our election program in english. Feel free to ask us, if you want to know more.

The ‚Aktive Idealisten‘ is a politically independent student group at the University of Saarland.
Other than the most student groups, we are not dependent on a political mother party. This way we offer a student-oriented and constructive work environment without a financial or political background that is usually linked to a mother party.
For already more than 20 years the`AI` stands for competent university policy without attention-seeking and without caring about proportional division of administrative bodies.
We demand  a continuity when it comes to committes to ensure  well operating teams. This is the reason why we provide consultants for the AStA departments since our start.
When it comes to our topics, we cover a wide spectrum. Our fields go from student cultural and living environment, the struggle against students fees, to social inclusion or technological topics such as the Cryptoparty. The Aktive Idealisten are open for all topics concerning the students of our University. Through our work in the AStA we represent your interests towards the University presidium, the Saarland or other student parties.

Living and studying on Campus


Livingin dorms is an essential part of a students life. We demand the sanitation and the re-opening of dorm D.

Compulsury attendance

Students shouldn’t be requiered to attend a lecture.They should be able to organize their studies as they wish. 

Master admittance for all Bachelor graduates

All Bachelor graduates should be allowed to proceed with a Master major after graduading with a Bachelor degree.

Better timing organization between lectures 

Between lectures students sholud be provided with enough time to be able to go from lecture to another without either be forced to leave on early or being too late for the following.

Exam registrations / exam taking

Exam registrations should be equalized among all faculties.  Students only fail an exam if they take the exam and actually fail.  Not appearing to an exam shouldn’t lead to a fail. No extra exam registration should be requiered in future.

Correction deadlines

Lecturers should adhere to deadlines when it comes to correcting students‘ exams. 

Extended office hours /Libraries

The office hours of students related facilities should be extended.  Access to libraries should be extended to a level that allows the students to prepare for their studies in an appropriate manner.


Studienkolleg is a key institution for the international students. It provides an excellent link between their graduation and the one that is required  for international students to proceed studying at the Saarland University. It enhances the attractiveness of the Saarland University on the international level.

Work / computer rooms

The University studying environment should be more student friendly. This includes providing work space for students and study groups. We cannot count rooms where students have to buy something (like a coffee) to be allowed to stay, as student work rooms. We want these student work rooms to contain whiteboards or blackboards, useful lighting, lockers, copy machines, power and internet plugs as well as quiet areas. These rooms should be spread all across the campus in Saarbrücken and Homburg. We furthermore demand that there are outdoor work spaces with power plugs.

Modern lectures/E-learning

Lecture video and audio recordings should be uploaded and provided to the student body to enable a flexible acquisition of the lecture contents. This also faciliates the study possibilities when it comes to working students, students with disabilities or students with children.

International course credits

Course credits that are acquiered abroad should be easily incorperated in the Saarland University course of studies.We want a comparability among different international majors.


Cultural engagement/Theater

The Saarland University offers a wide cultural environment. This should be seen as a welcoming opportunity for cultural exchange. Cultural events such as theater should keep on being a vital part of campus life. We demand to keep the free entrance to the Saarländische Staatstheater, as well as the Radiophilharmonie.
Cryptoparties offer the possibility to protect online privacy and teach internet security in general.

Political participation

Student participation in the university policy should be rewarded with a higher student representation in the universitys council such as the Universitätsrat.  Also we demand a student vice-president, ensuring that the students needs are generally enforced. 

Aktive Idealisten – that’s what we stand for!

AStA is a consulting spot for all students questions related to your studies and student life. We demand an open AStA, which should allow anyone to participate independant from which party you belong to.  AStA referrees should be picked by the know-how they can offer the students and not by political membership.